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Basic Dota 2 Guide for Beginners AD

Basic Dota 2 Guide for Beginners

When looking from the outside, Dota 2 seems to be quite a simple game. In fact, the Dota 2 teams should have the entire set of various skills and do a lot of jobs if they want to become a master. At the beginning of your journey, it is possible to make things easier: try to understand what exactly you should improve beforehand to get results instead of making the same mistakes repeatedly. The simplest way to know the basis is to read Dota 2 guides.

In this Dota 2 guide, our professionals decided to give you some tips on improving your skill level. Keep up with them from the very beginning of your Dota 2 career, and maybe you’ll win The International one day.

Learn Dota 2 Warding Spots


Mostly, low-rank supports don’t pay the required attention to warding. Instead, they concentrate on their items. Even if they buy wards, they place them in specially designed places only or act according to guides. In fact, there are many positions for observer wards that can bring your team more use.

At first, try using the preliminary view showing you the warding area before you place it. It will let you understand how effective the ward will be. This function became some kind of a warding guide by Valve because it shows the REAL effect every point may have.

Additionally, you should try to understand what exactly your team needs and how your teammates are going to play the match. For example, if your carry plans to farm mainly, you should place wards showing your jungle entries. This move will let your mate know about enemies trying to kill him or her beforehand.

In case you plan to dominate and push your lane opponents, it will be a good choice to use Smoke of Deceit and provide your team with vision inside the enemy jungle.

Check Enemy Items Regularly


Not every Dota 2 player knows the game can change after a hero buys a particular item or set and switches the map balance for his or her team. For instance, after Luna gets Butterfly, she becomes much stronger than other physical damage carries. Adding the Black King Bar allows her win any fight until opponents build the Monkey King Bar to equalize the balance. Therefore, you should always check the builds of enemy heroes when you plan your attack. It is critical to be sure that you estimate their strength correctly.

Check and Use Runes


Not only low elo players tend to underestimate runes. Even quite qualified gamers do that. You should know that runes are extremely valuable Dota 2 resources able to provide your team with significant advantage.

In addition to filling the Bottle any power-up rune can give huge impact in fights for particular heroes. Bounty runes will supply the team with more gold, especially in late game stages. Try checking Dota 2 hero guides to understand which runes to use in particular situations.

So, it is crucial to check Power-up Runes once in 120 seconds and Bounty Runes every 300 seconds.

Plan Item Builds


After the early game ends, players have a wide choice of artifacts to buy. Newbie Dota 2 players mainly use guides to get the correct build. To reach high skill levels in Dota 2, you should plan your purchases for 20 or even 30 minutes in advance. We mean not only the final build but also separate components to achieve it.

For instance, if you plan to buy Aether Lens, try starting with the Energy Booster, to complete Arcane Boots and supply your team with the additional mana. It will be great for both pushing and farming strategies. Then, just disassemble your boots and build a new item with the same Energy Booster.

Don’t Pretend to be John Rambo


Lots of Dota 2 newbie guides tell players: many players, especially core-position ones, regularly overestimate their strength. They think they can deal with multiple enemies on their own or with minimum support. In reality, such cases are rare. Five heroes even having much lower net worth mostly can kill a lone enemy with no problem just because of their abilities.

Try not to forget that every death reduces your advantage over opponents not only because you lose gold but also due to the possibilities you can’t use during the respawn time. Simultaneously, your enemy gets experience and gold for killing you, and goes on farming.

Enter the fight only when you are completely sure you will survive it.

Gank Only When Necessary


Slaying enemies can serve different purposes depending on the match stage. During an early phase, it is just a method of pushing the enemy back. For every kill, you get gold and experience while enemies lose it. It becomes easier to dominate lanes and gain early advantage. In many Dota 2 guides, they mention which heroes should kill and push in early game and which ones would be better to stay away from fights until their time comes.

In late game, when all resources matter much more and the respawn time is long, ganks become strategic moves. Killing most enemies will require your team to spend resources of two and even more heroes, as well as time. Therefore, it is worth doing only in case you’ll be able to use the advantage: to kill an enemy and then take Roshan, runes or structures. Otherwise, you risk your heroes and gather them together, making it easier for the enemy to capture the rest of the map.

Choose When to Fight


This point refers to the other chapter of our guide: item checking. You should consider not only enemy items but also yours and those of allied heroes, too.

After your carry player buys Butterfly, you just don’t have the right to continue farming and doing nothing. This item gives significant advantage, so you should force team fights, take Roshan or destroy structures. If you won’t do that, your opponents will then purchase Monkey King Bar and then finish you.

On the other side, when speaking of Anti-Mage or Luna, Butterfly becomes a huge farming boost for them. Therefore, they can use it to buy an additional item even before the enemy builds MKB and get more advantage.

By keeping up with tips from our Dota 2 guide, you’ll be able to improve your game skills significantly to win more. Additionally, don’t forget to communicate with teammates and help them with your knowledge.

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Martyna Kowaleska
Martyna Kowaleska - 07:59am, 30th March 2020

It's also worth to learn a little bit about - how to play which hero.  you can find some of best heroes for beginners and how to play them

Linga - 08:36am, 20th April 2020

I can also recommend this site  that is including guides about dota 2