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DunGame & DraGrins Episode 2: An Hour of Love

DunGame & DraGrins Episode 2: An Hour of Love

Welcome to the second episode of DunGame & DraGrins, our weekly Dungeons & Dragons podcast.

The continuation of the Greatest Adventure Ever Told™ sees players Acelister (Nevan Crimsonshine) and Calmine (Dafyyd Roksolo) join dungeon master TheSphericalCat on an adventure in a fantasy land. This week, our heroes get lost, Cal gets assaulted by an old lady and Ace professes his love.

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Find us at:

TheSphericalCat: https://twitter.com/TheSphericalCat
Acelister: https://twitter.com/Acelister
Calmine: https://twitter.com/Calmine

A big thanks to OCRemix for the tracks, find them here:

Home Is Where the Luvdisc Is... by PROTO-DOME

Turkish Coffee by Gabe Terracciano & Shnabubula

DunGame & DraGrins
Jinny Wilkin

Jinny Wilkin

Staff Writer

Reviews the games nobody else will, so you don't have to. Give her a bow and arrow and you have an ally for life. Will give 10s for food.

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JudgementalWaifu - 02:32pm, 1st October 2018

I'm enjoying the adventures so far!

TheSphericalCat - 02:52pm, 1st October 2018 Author

We're enjoying making it too - I cut about 5 minutes of us just laughing from this episode, I'm really glad our enjoyment is translating well into the podcast!

Acelister - 03:24pm, 1st October 2018

Was the laughter around the first or the second time that Dafyyd had to shout "No, Nevan!"?

TheSphericalCat - 03:25pm, 1st October 2018 Author

There was a good 5 minutes that was completely unusable around when we did the wild magic roll

Calmine - 08:29pm, 1st October 2018

I do like the way you did the intro. 

TheSphericalCat - 05:37pm, 2nd October 2018 Author

It'll only get better the more nonesense I end up making in this series!