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How Accessible is ELEX II?

How Accessible is ELEX II?

Accessibility in games has been getting better as of late, so you might be wondering how it is in the latest releases. In this article I’ll go over the accessibility options available in ELEX II.

The first tab under settings is Gameplay, which lets you toggle certain aspects such as the radar and item highlights on or off. You can also disable or change the frequency of autosaving, and disable music for streaming purposes.

The Audio tab lets you adjust the volume for voices, the environment, effects, and music. If you’re looking for subtitles or language options, keep reading.

Controller tells you which button does what on a controller. That’s all. By default it shows Xbox controls, but you can toggle that in another menu to show PlayStation 4 buttons instead.

Key Bindings allows you to change most of the controls. The only exceptions are quick slots and pause, which you cannot change nor add an additional key. These are the number keys and escape key respectively.

The Controls menu actually has nothing to do with the control schemes. It allows you to adjust the camera speed, invert axis, and toggle whether you have to hold or press to sneak, walk, and sprint. It also lets you disable whether two direction key presses will make you roll to evade.

Display allows you to adjust the graphics quality, resolution, and the ordinary stuff. There are no colourblind options.

The final settings option is Language, which lets you choose the text and voice options, as well as turn subtitles on and off. Subtitles are on by default, and are white text at a decently sized font. There is no closed captioning, so no way to hear creatures without audio, though things that are said outside of cutscenes do get subtitles.

One thing I’d like to note is that while you can disable the tutorial in the menu, from what I’ve played the tutorial is kind of spotty. At one point in the prologue you’re told to sneak past some enemies, but you’re never told how to crouch TO sneak. Instead, you can go straight into a cutscene, or take the long route to bypass the enemies and then go into the same cutscene.

So there you have it, ELEX II’s very limited accessibility options. I hope that helps you play!

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


Guaranteed to know more about Transformers and Deadpool than any other staff member.

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