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How Accessible is Lost Ark?

How Accessible is Lost Ark?

Accessibility in games has been getting better as of late, so you might be wondering how it is in the latest games. In this article I’ll go over the accessibility options available in Lost Ark.

Although the settings menu has an accessibility tab, the video tab actually has something you might find useful. HUD Size Adjustment; it changes how big the icons and mini-map are, as well as the font size in the chat box.

Similarly, while the audio tab gives you sliders for all of the music and sounds in the game, there are some preset options too. For instance, you can set it to Prioritize Dialogue if you struggle to hear characters speaking over the music.

Then we have the accessibility options themselves. These are almost exclusively related to colour blindness, unfortunately. Of course, you can change the filter between Protanopia, Deuteranopia, and Tritanopia; but you can also change the colour of the mouse cursor with a choice of six. There are also three sizes of mouse cursor to choose from, and a photosensitivity mode that dims the flashes.

In the community settings, you can change the size of the font up to 20pt, and activate text-to-speech. You can also set up Macro Text if that’s helpful.

The gameplay tab allows you to make things less busy on the screen by removing damage values, HP bars, and battle effects. Most useful, however, is the ability to change the cursor speed, as well as change the “drag and drop” inventory to “pick up” on click.

Next up, the hotkeys tab allows you to rebind almost all of the keys. Some of them, however, are locked. Moving and attacking, interacting, and Show Loot Name are all unable to be changed — which is different to the controller settings. Speaking of which…

Gamepad is the final settings menu, and it allows you to change most of the buttons for an Xbox controller (it only states “Lost Ark is compatible with Xbox controllers”). The only controls you cannot change are Control Companion and Interact 2. You can also change what causes the controller to vibrate, and how much it vibrates when it does.

So there you have it, Lost Ark’s accessibility options. I hope that helps you play!

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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