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How to Redeem Codes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Redeem Codes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Every once in a while, Gameloft releases codes to give free items to the community. Sometimes, it's pieces of furniture, saving you crafting time and resources (for those of you who don't have 50 chests dedicated to wood), and other times, it's just some nice goodies that don't hurt to have! Either way, you'll want to be able to keep your eyes open for these codes and, most importantly, know how to redeem them.

Redeeming is actually quite simple — all you'll have to do is head to the main menu screen, head on over to the Settings tab, and in the side tabs from here, select Help. At the bottom of your Import Avatar section, you can find the Redemption Code; here, you'll want to import the code that you have seen and select "Claim". Once you do, you'll be able to hit Claim, and it should tell you that your reward is ready. From here, you just go to the nearest mailbox and you'll be able to find any of the items you claimed from the code!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Redeemed Code

It's worth noting that codes are case-sensitive. Disney Dreamlight Valley codes are always in all caps, but there are some cases where you'll have to add items like dashes — these are all mandatory pieces of the code, and without them, it won't work. Make sure you are inputting the correct information or, our advice, copy and paste it to the Redemption Code section to save yourself a headache or two. You never know when you're missing a single character by complete accident or keyboard shenanigans!

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