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A New Killer Appears in the Newest Dead by Daylight Teaser Trailer!

Dead by Daylight, the multiplayer horror action game from Behaviour Interactive, is known for its many crossovers with other media, such as having Leatherface be one of the Killers and Nicolas Cage as one of the Survivors! In the latest teaser video, we may be seeing hints about the next crossover to be added and it is looking... vampiric.

Even Alan Wake was in it!

 As seen in the teaser trailer, it would seem the next stop on the crossover trail is before the gates of Castlevania's Dracula! While we do not know the details (to be released 6th August), we can make an educated guess on the lord of the castle being the next Killer to be added. Known for changing shape, having a dapper cape, and transforming into a giant demon, it will be interesting to see how the Vampire's skill set is translated into the game! It also remains to be seen if other characters from the series will be added, a Belmont survivor perhaps? We, for one, cannot wait to hear more!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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