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Check Out the Launch Trailer for the Newest Collaboration DLC for Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns

The fourth DLC for Vampire Survivors (and the second collaboration one) is finally here! Start your journey across Neo Galuga as you take on the role of 11 new characters in Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns.

Priced at £1.99, Operation Guns is the Contra collaboration, where poncle and Konami have worked together to bring this age-old franchise to life. Featuring 11 new characters, 22 new weapons, one new passive item, and exactly 0 vampires, this new DLC gives you a bunch of gameplay to jump into if you've already finished everything else!

Vampire Survivors Operation Guns Launch Trailer OUT NOW 0 45 screenshot 1

If you'd like to know our thoughts on the game, check out our review right here! It'll give you a great look at what I thought of the experience as a person who has previously 100%ed Vampire Survivors and spent a few too many dozen hours killing hordes of foes. And if you're curious about when you can jump into the experience, don't miss out on that article right here!

You can find the launch trailer above, where you'll see the game in full action, featuring co-op elements and the reverse-bullet-hell gameplay millions have come to know and love. The game is out now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Android, iOS, the Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam! If you're one of the console players who are waiting for the PlayStation release, this will come sometime in summer of this year.

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