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Codename: Ocean Keeper Celebrates Successful Steam Next Fest Demo

Codename: Ocean Keeper Celebrates Successful Steam Next Fest Demo

Among the many titles releasing demos during Steam Next Fest, studio RetroStyle Games joined the crowd in releasing a playable demo for their debut title, Codename: Ocean Keeper. While the download count didn't reach the top 50 list, the game received enough attention to be considered a success!

In this roguelike adventure, you will pilot a spider mech deep in the depths of the sea with the simple goal of survival. As many thalassophobes will state, the world under the waves is a dangerous place filled with monstrocities, meaning you will have to protect yourself as you search the depths for forgotten treasures and precious resources! Upgrade your mech to take out the beasts of the deed and persevere! With a procedurally generated map and encounters, each dive is a fresh experience. How long can you survive?

Codename: Ocean Keeper is coming soon to PC and has a demo available on Steam!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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