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Creature in the Well Released for PlayStation 4

Creature in the Well—a dungeon-crawling hack 'n' slash with pinball-inspired elements—is out now on PlayStation 4 after an earlier release on PC, Xbox One and Switch.

The city of Mirage is threatened by a "deadly sandstorm". To prevent the city form becoming completely devestated, players must control the last surviving BOT-C unit and restore power to a long-abandoned facility through exploring eight unique dungeons. On their quest, players will find themselves upgrading abilities, uncovering secrets, fending off foes and traversing a treacherous—and jaw-dropping—environment.

Additionally, a 70 page artbook and soundtrack bundle will be released on 31st March. Showcasing Adam Volker's unique vision for the game's visuals and Jim Fowler's original compositions, the bundle is a celebration of what makes Creature in the Well a striking audio-visual experience. It will be available to download on the game's Steam page.

Creature in the Well is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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