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Deadfall Adventures Instant Cloud Gaming At MCM Expo 2013

Deadfall Adventures Instant Cloud Gaming At MCM Expo 2013

Approxy will showcase its instant cloud gaming technology at the Nordic Games booth during this weekend’s MCM London Comic Con. Deadfall Adventures will be delivered using the seamless, secure solution that has never been seen before in gaming.

Approxy is a white-label Cloud Gaming technology provider for anyone who wants to remove the friction and save significant costs in delivering their AAA games, without the need to make changes to games in any way.

The possibilities Approxy’s system presents opens up the world of gaming to an audience previously excluded by inferior internet speeds. This is very clever tech working to broaden the whole audience and we’re proud to be supporting Approxy in reaching their goals.
-  Nik Blower, PR, Marketing & Franchise Director at Nordic Games

Our white-label offering is built on the industry's most advanced, 4th generation Cloudpaging technology, which is more network efficient, scalable and inexpensive than all previous. Users are able to play games quickly, without install, without patching, over limited unreliable connections, or even when offline.
- Cloud Gaming 1.0’ options,” said Bartu Ahiska, COO Approxy

Using Approxy’s system, games automatically spring into your game library and work with all peripherals, game plug-ins and mods.

MCM London Comic Con visitors are invited to stand 091 to try Approxy’s Cloudpaging solution for themselves. On Saturday October 26th, visitors to the Nordic Games booth have the chance to win an Alienware 14 laptop or EVGA GeForce GTX 760 ACX graphics card. For a chance of winning, entrants must adorn a ‘special glove’ and ‘rub’ a pyramid-shaped ice sculpture to retrieve one of 60 Deadfall Adventures tickets.

MCM London Comic Con takes place Friday October 25th to Sunday October 27th.
Deadfall Adventures will be available as both a Collector’s Edition and Standard Edition for Windows PC and the Xbox 360 Entertainment System from Microsoft, on November 15th.

Kris 'Kaostic' West

Kris 'Kaostic' West


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