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Devices For All: Games Industry Comes Together to Supply Devices to UK Schools

Devices For All: Games Industry Comes Together to Supply Devices to UK Schools

Major companies like SEGA, Nintendo, Team 17 and nDreams are among those who have joined a pledge to provide UK schools with laptops and computers, as part of an effort to close the digital divide and level the playing field for disadvantaged students. The drive is being spearheaded by the UK Interactive Entertainment Association (Ukie), who is asking games companies of any size to donate their unneeded devices over the next few years.

A recent Ofcom report stated that up to 1.77 million children in the UK do not have access to a laptop, desktop or tablet. Children with access to computers and other internet-enabled devices have the ability to explore a wealth of educational resources inaccessible to those without such devices. With the COVID-19 pandemic, this reality has been thrust into the public's awareness and is now a more pressing concern than ever.

Shahneila Saeed, Head of Education at Ukie, said: "If children are unable to use the technology today then they are unlikely to become its creators tomorrow. Given everything we know about our future direction, donating devices could have an important impact on their futures, our economy and the future of digital industries in the UK."

For more information, or to pledge your company's devices, visit Ukie's Devices For All website.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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