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Disney Dreamlight Valley's Weekly DreamSnap and Premium Shop Update 07/02/24

Disney Dreamlight Valley's Weekly DreamSnap and Premium Shop Update 07/02/24


Outfit Challenge

ddv freestyle feb 7 24


  • Calm x4
  • WALL•E x3

Suggested Themes:

  • Lavish
  • Strong

Let your personality shine, and share your favourite Valley outfit.

With "Freestyle!" out now, this means that "It Came from Outer Space" has now entered its voting phase. Meanwhile, you should now find that the results for "Sports Savvy" are in your mail. Feel free to share your position in the comments below!

End date: you have until Wednesday, 14th of February 2024 to submit your DreamSnap challenge and have a chance to earn Moonstones!

Premium Shop

8 items available

DDV 1st page feb 7 24

This week, we're lucky and get to explore two tabs in the Premium Shop, which amounts to a total of eight items to snag! Thanks to this, there is at least one item from each category! Enough rambling, however; let's get to the good stuff.

Turning Red Ski Outfit

  • Item type: Clothing, Bundle
  • Price: 1,500
  • Last available: New to store
  • Times available: 1
  • ThemeTurning Red

This first bundle of clothing is new to store! While you can't have snow throughout the entire Valley yet (and it's not even confirmed we'll ever be able to), this stylish and adorable outfit will keep you warm during your trips to Frosted Heights.

Winter Palace

  • Item type: House Dream Style
  • Price: 3,750
  • Last available: 20 December 2023
  • Times available: 2
  • Theme: Disney

Winter might be over, but it's never too late to get your paws on the Winter Palace — a House Dream Style inspired by the castle you can find in Disney! Although very similar to the non-winter-themed one, this one has some extra lights to make it frosty.

Illuminated Deer Decorations

  • Item type: Furniture
  • Price: 1,000
  • Last available: 27 December 2023
  • Times available: 1
  • Theme: Other

Some people play Disney Dreamlight Valley for the princesses and princes; some do it for the villains. If you're the latter, then you might be happy to know that the Nefarious Set is available! This bundle will make all your tools — except the Hourglass — snazzy and evil-looking.

Nefarious Set

  • Item type: Tool Dream Style
  • Price: 3,750
  • Last available: 25 October 2023
  • Times available: 3
  • Theme: Dreamlight Valley

Yet another winter item that you can get at the moment is the Illuminated Deer Set. This will surely bring some endless holiday cheer to the Frosted Heights to keep you busy till next December!

DDV 2nd page feb 7 24

Turning Red Trio

  • Item type: Furniture, bundle
  • Price: 1,500
  • Last available: 45231
  • Times available: 3
  • ThemeTurning Red

Whether you get this furniture set to go along with your new ski outfit or because you love its Eastern style, you'll be able to get it for the next week! So make sure it doesn't slip your mind.

Whimsical Blue Companion Pack 1

  • Item type: Companion Dream Style, bundle
  • Price: 2,000
  • Last available: 26 May 2023
  • Times available: 2
  • Theme: Dreamlight Valley

If you're looking for some new companions to take along with you in the journey through the valley, this bundle might just be what you need! You'll get a Raccoon, a Raven, a Crocodile, and a Squirrel!

Field Day Ensemble

  • Item type: Clothing, bundle
  • Price: 1,200
  • Last available: 30 August 2023
  • Times available: 4
  • ThemesMonsters, Inc., Toy StoryWreck-It Ralph

This clothing bundle gives you three different items: one from Monster's Inc., one from Toy Story, and one from Wreck-It Ralph! If you like looking like one of the monsters, having a watch inspired by Woody, or keeping warm with a brown military jacket from Wreck-It Ralph, don't forget to check it out!

Art Deco Poster Collection

  • Item type: Furniture, bundle
  • Price: 1,200
  • Last available: 16 August 2023
  • Times available: 3
  • ThemesThe Princess and the FrogToy StoryFrozen

And last but not least, the Art Deco Poster Collection brings three new pieces for you to hang up on the walls and honour some of your favourite Disney and Pixar characters; namely, you'll get Tiana, Elsa, and Woody posters!

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