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Dota 2 February 04 & 06 2015 Patch Notes

Dota 2 February 04 & 06 2015 Patch Notes

The Steam news page has been updated with the patch notes, but you can find it all below!

- Updated -enable_addons to include sound scripts, music scripts, and Flash videos
- Added a new option to the Settings panel to reduce screen flashing. This option disables the flash on Thundergod's Wrath and lessens the flashing with Razor’s ability effects.
- Fixed multiple stacks of Linken's Sphere having different behaviors when two buffs are directly applied compared to one buff and one item
- Fixed Blinking while in the initial Tether pull causing the Tether range to be larger than intended
- Fixed Supernova's refresh functionality not interacting properly with charged cooldown abilities
- Fixed Geminate Attack being able to hit units that are very far from Weaver
- Riki's Permanent Invisibility fade time now shows on the ability cooldown
- Fixed Lycan shapeshifting while disconnected giving all creeps the move speed bonus
- Added a new convar to disable right clicks on minimamp (dota_minimap_disable_rightclick)

- Added a caching layer in front of the Chinese replay servers to provide a better replay downloading experience to players outside of China.
- Fixed a rare bug that could cause Reaper's Scythe to not credit Necrophos for the kill

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