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Dota 2 Reborn Announces Revamp, Out for Open Beta Next Week

Dota 2 Reborn Announces Revamp, Out for Open Beta Next Week

Valve has announced details of the Dota 2 makeover on its blog under the project name Dota 2 Reborn, presumably because of the tighter competition in the MOBA genre these days. The revamp will be more than skin deep, from the interface to the game engine.

reborn beta day1

This week showcases the changes in user interface, from the lobby dashboard to the friends list, chat, hero browser, the Watch section, Dota TV, as well as a revamped tutorial for new players.

User Interface

The dashboard has been rebuilt to be more intuitive and has better functionality, allowing the developers to build more features upon it in future. The Play Dota button is also accessible in all menus for the new interface, allowing players to join games anytime.


Chat Features

The chat interface has been revamped as well, allowing you to whisper one another easily or have multiple concurrent chats, along with chat rooms that support more players.


Party Features

Inviting friends to a party has been made easier with the new friends and invite interface as well, with new features such as directly combining parties and chatting directly with them using party voice chat on the dashboard.



About Your Heroes (and stalking your friends')

There's also new features such as the activity feed and detailed graphs of how you and your friends perform, alongside with a better hero browser to check out the skins and heroes you have played and their associated statistics for those who are interested in this kind of details.


Watching the Game

Dota 2 is big on tournaments and pro matches and the newly revamped interface helps to move that one notch up, with Dota TV supporting full HD and detailed statistics. There will also be featured tournaments where you can follow the progress sequentially, as well as featured matches of pro players.


New Players

There's something for new players as well, with full bot matches and a simplified tutorial mode to guide players who are new to the game and the MOBA genre in general, allowing them to practice in peace away from the harmful words of the harsh competitive MOBA world out there.

GuidedBotMatchesMechanicsMore information can be found over at the Dota 2 Reborn part-by-part reveal, which will show more in another two more reveals before the Open Beta late next week.

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