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ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Major will Go On

ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Major will Go On

With the growing fear and cancellations of esports events contributed to the concerns of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). ESL One Los Angeles 2020 major will continue forward with their plans for the 20-22nd of March competition. Trained medical staff and safety teams will be on hand for the event. ESL released a public statement to address the rising fear that the DOTA 2 Major would be canceled, like many other events.

It should be noted that the statement addressing this matter was posted before the Los Angeles County officials declared a local state of emergency. An emergency was declared after Los Angeles county found six confirmed cases of COVID-19. Kathryn Barger, a chairwoman on the Board of Supervisors in LA, told reporters that the local emergency was not, " A response rooted in panic."

The ESL One Team is telling us that the situation is fluid and to keep an eye out for any news if one is likely to attend.

"We are in close contact with the local authorities, and if there is any reason to suggest that the event is not perfectly safe we will re-evaluate and react to the new situation. Due to the recent global health concerns about the coronavirus... there will be further upgrades to the already high hygiene standards of the venue, as well as additional trained medical staff available on-site."

- ESL One Team



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