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Found Your Kingdom in the Fabeldom Launch Trailer!

Fabledom, the laid-back city builder from Grenaa Games, Dear VIllagers, and Doyoyo Games, has spent its fair share of being tested, improving, and tweaking its mechanics in Steam Early Access, as many indie titles do. Now, however, it is time to cut the ribbon and set foot into your own kingdom, as version 1.0 marks the official release!

In the game, you take on the role of regent of a group of settlers colonising a new land in a fairytale-esque setting. As you build and expand your new kingdom, you'll have to interact with the other neighbouring kingdoms, magical creatures, and threats your people may face! Build your own legend, be it as an ironclad ruler, a peaceful diplomat, or a master of the trade and create your own legacy.

Fabledom is out now on PC and is available for preorder on PlayStation5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X|S, with the planned release in Q3 2024!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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