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Free Ubisoft Shooter XDefiant Officially Releases in Preseason With Newest Launch Trailer

The highly anticipated XDefiant has finally released for everyone to enjoy, and with it is starting the first-ever preseason for the title! Get started on your journey across Ubisoft's original first-person hero arena shooter, featuring a slew of upgrades from some of the first playtests of the title!

First, let's talk a bit about what XDefiant has to offer. These are all of the things that the game has released, giving you plenty to do already:

  • 14 maps, all of which are inspired by the numerous Ubisoft franchises
  • Five factions (The Cleaners from The Division, Libertad from Far Cry 6, Echelon from Splinter Cell, DedSec from Watch Dogs 2, and Phantoms from Ghost Recon Phantoms)
  • 24 weapons
  • 44 attachments
  • Five devices

XDefiant is very customisation-heavy, and it shows with the items it's released already! This is just the start of the customisation items that Ubisoft will be adding, as we currently have three characters per faction, though you'll have to complete missions to unlock them, as you'll start with one originally. 

There are currently two game modes available to play XDefiant on, featuring Arena and Linear. In Arena, you can play either:

  • Domination: control three fixed zones
  • Occupy: control one zone that moves around the map
  • HotShot: get points per kill and collecting tags from fallen foes. One HotShot is picked periodically to earn more points, but is marked on the map for all to see

While in Linear, you can play:

  • Zone Control: attack and defend zones, gaining more time the more zones the attackers capture
  • Escort: protect a package and escort it to the end of the map

This marks the beginning of XDefiant as a whole — after the preseason ends, the team will begin new releases with each season, featuring a new faction, three new maps, three new weapons, and "much more" for each season, meaning the game will be ever-expanding!

XDefiant is available to play for free on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Ubisoft Connect.

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Artura Dawn

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