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July Top Steam Deck Games

July Top Steam Deck Games

The official X account for Steam Deck (@OnDeck) does a monthly post showing off some of the most-played titles on their portable console! In the new month of July, we see a total of 10 games that have made the list, all of which are sorted by playtime. Here are the games that everyone has been enjoying on their Steam Deck!

Most notable among the top-played titles is the new release that struck Steam, with DAVE THE DIVER taking Street Fighter 6's #1 spot and even trumping long-time winner ELDEN RING. Halls of Torment is new to this list — a May release that seems to have gained traction suddenly and is just below the parent of the genre, Vampire Survivors. And finally, Street Fighter 6 manages to remain relevant a month after release, though just barely, earning #19 most-played Steam Deck title.

This list is a great way to keep track on which are the best games to play on the Steam Deck for those that own one — did you find anything you're going to pick up? Or, I guess, in this case, dive into with DAVE THE DIVER? Let us know in the comments below!

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Martin Heath

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