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Nintendo Switch Online Coming in the Second Half of September

Nintendo Switch Online Coming in the Second Half of September

Nintendo has narrowed down its planned launch of the Nintendo Switch Online service, announcing this week that it will release in the second half of September.

The service was originally supposed to debut in Autumn 2017, but various delays have taken us up until now with no subscription plans yet available. Nintendo will lock multiplayer access behind this paywall once it launches, but you'll get a couple of other niceties too.

As was revealed earlier this year, you'll get the ability to sync save data to the cloud, a selection of NES games with newly added online functionality, as well as some yet-undefined extra features through the smartphone app. It'll offer you some exclusive discounts too.

It has been rumoured that free to play titles, such as Fortnite, may not require a Switch Online subscription to play online, but Nintendo has not confirmed or denied this.

When the service launches, you'll be able to take out a subscription for either £3.49 for one month, £6.99 for three months or £17.99 for the entire year. You can visit the official Nintendo Switch Online site here.

James Martin

James Martin

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