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Pandamonium Strikes Ultimate Chicken Horse in the New Update!

Pandamonium Strikes Ultimate Chicken Horse in the New Update!

Ultimate Chicken Horse, the competitive building, platforming, and racing title from Clever Endeavour Games, is getting a new update chock-full of new goodies to unlock, outfits to rock, and music tracks that bop! Titled Panndamonium, the free content update brings with it the latest cuddly contestant, the Panda. This monochrome menace is the 13th character to enter the games roster and is even voiced by the teams community and marketing manager. Along with the default black and white coloration, the bear also comes in Brown, Polar, Black, and Blue variants.


In addition to the new character, two new levels and outfits have been added to the selection. In terms of levels, first off, we have The Island, which is set in a beautiful nighttime scene near the ocean. Be warned, though, the level has a big and inviting bell to ring that may cause more betentacled trouble than you bargained for! The second level added is the Toxic Tower, featuring a less-than-healthy water feature to avoid if you want to be victorious.


Finally, the two outfits added are Viking Hat and Viking Suit for the stoic adventurers among you, as well as the Mail Hat and Mail Bag for those who will see the post be delivered no matter the cost!

The Ultimate Chicken Horse Pandamonium update is set to be released on the 13th of May 2024.

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