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PlayStation Plus Games for March 2018 Revealed

PlayStation Plus Games for March 2018 Revealed

The PlayStation Plus games for March, 2018 have been announced and an important update on the future of PlayStation Plus has been revealed. 

March will see a number of AAA titles join the line up including Bloodborne and the Ratchet and Clank remake. The full list of game available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita are below but before that, the important update. 

PlayStation have revealed that from the 8th March, 2019 the PlayStation Plus line up will no longer offer games for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Games already in your download list will remain, just no new ones will be offered. No other changes will come to those titles. PlayStation have not commented on if this means they will offer a full six monthly PlayStation 4 titles or if it will be just two. We will have to wait for further details on this closer the time. 

The games included in the March lineup are:

Bloodborne (PS4)
Ratchet and Clank (PS4)
Legend of Kay Anniversary (PS3)
Mighty No. 9 (PS3 and PS4)
Claire: Extended Cut (PS Vita and PS4)
Bombing Buster (PS Vita and PS4)

As a reminder you have until 6th March to download the games for January which included:

Knack (PS4)
Rime (PS4)
Spelunker HD (PS3)
Mugen Souls Z (PS3)
Exiles End (PS Vita)
Grand Kingdom (PS Vita, PS4)

Judgemental Waifu

Judgemental Waifu

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Mister Woot
Mister Woot - 07:51pm, 28th February 2018

And it's the last month of PS3 and Vita games. From March the 8th onwards it's PS4 only.

virgilmaycry - 09:43pm, 28th February 2018

Isn't that March 8th of next year?

Mister Woot
Mister Woot - 12:22am, 1st March 2018

So it is... I really should stop reading email on phones when there's an 8.5Kg Maine coon that wants feeding.

Acelister - 07:26am, 1st March 2018

So, it seems Sony is abandoning the Vita... 

JudgementalWaifu - 11:14am, 1st March 2018 Author

Sadly the Vita and PS3 have been legacy hardware for sometime now. This is just the start of the end.