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Razer Officially Kills Ouya Console

Razer Officially Kills Ouya Console

Razer has announced that on 25th June 2019, online services for Forge TV, Ouya and MadCatz MOJO game stores will no longer be supported and will be shut down along with the official websites. Ouya started off as a Kickstarter project in 2012 with the goal to move the Android indie games onto the TV screen. However, besides the one hit wonder TowerFall, the mini console never made much of itself despite earning $8.5 million in its crowdfunding campaign. Ouya was officially discontinued after Razer bought the software assets in 2015. Now, four years later, the console is officially dead.

According to the official announcement by Razer, any games that have not been downloaded that were purchased will no longer be accessible. Therefore, users should download any games they have purchased through the stores before 25th June. After that, all accounts will be deactivated and any funds still in the user account will not be redeemable.

It is unclear what will happen to games that have already been downloaded. Razer suggests that users should contact the game developer to confirm whether their games will still function on OUYA after the shut down date.

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