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Start Your Journey Early with Fishbowl's Newest Demo

Grief is a hard thing to manage, and in Fishbowl, it'll be your main antagonist — take control of 21-year-old Alo as she begins her new job in a new city, working from home, an grieving the recent passing of her beloved grandmother. Working from home is a taxing endeavour, and it can be isolating, so it'll be your job to embark on a journey of self-care.

In this story about grief, you'll need to follow the protagonist and make decisions in a story where there are no correct endings. Experience the heartfelt narrative as you manage the difficulties as you combat the loss of Jaja — sort through her items, take care of yourself and your home, and make sure you stay in contact with everyone you know and love.

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While you aren't taking care of yourself, you'll need to advance your work life — play in an arcade-style minigame to start your job as a video editor for a social media celebrity, as you'll need to match the specific incoming items to the correct row. And once you're done, partake in item-rearranging minigames for the unpacking aspect of the title, as you delve into childhood memories and relive the memories of the past.

Overcome grief and loss in the slice-of-life title Fishbowl, and start your self-care journey to experience some of the gameplay first-hand in the new demo out now for PC via Steam and PlayStation 5! 

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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