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Take Part in the Way of the Hunter Easter Challenge!

Take Part in the Way of the Hunter Easter Challenge!

If you find yourself, like me, suffering from the post-Easter lazies and have a hard time getting up from the sofa after that Easter dinner and all those chocolate eggs, finding a little challenge to do may help motivate your to rejoin the world of the living. If so, Way of the Hunter has you covered with their Easter Challenge!


Running in three phases, with the application phase open until 8th of April 9AM BST, the challenge is simply to find and take a screenshot of something that you believe encompasses the spring season. Only one screenshot per person is allowed. In phase two, players can vote on their favourites and then in phase three, the winners are announced!

The winners can walk away with a Way of the Hunter branded t-shirt, a Nine Rock Games branded t-shirt, four branded coasters, a branded key ring, a branded pen, and a branded notepad!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

Staff Writer

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