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Team Razer Great Games Trailer

eSports is a big arena these days, with the likes of the $1,485,525 US SMITE championships, the $250,000 World of Warcraft arena championships and the likes of Fatal1ty bringing the concept into the mainstream and maker of uber cool gaming kit Razer will be releasing a three part documentary following the exploits of their eSports team Team Razer.

"Great Games" follows the exploits of the team in Starcraft, League of Legends, and Defence of the Ancients 2. Director Travis "Samox" Beauchamp had this to day about the documentary:

eSports is such a new phenomenon that most of the world is still unaware you can win millions of dollars by playing a video game. Enthusiasts from all different cultures pursue their passions in these games with thousands of people watching, each player driven by a desire to be the best. It is my hope that, in illuminating the lives of these StarCraft, Dota 2 and League champions, the uninitiated will get a chance to see gaming no longer strictly as the hobby that it once was but as the professional eSport that it is blossoming into.


The first part of the documentary is out on the 29th of November at 3:30pm CET with the second and third parts out on the 6th of December and the 13th of December respectively.

Chris Wootton

Chris Wootton

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