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The Development of Star Trek: Infinite Has Ended

The Development of Star Trek: Infinite Has Ended

Near the end of March 2024, a sorrowful post was made on the Paradox Forum regarding the 2023 grand strategy title Star Trek: Infinite. Effective immediately, the game will no longer be receiving any future updates. While no official reason for the end of development was given, the game received a negative reception by players with a user score of 4.7 on Metacritic at the time of writing.

Paradox offered their heartfelt thanks to their partners at Paramount, the team at Nimble Giants, as well as the community. While the development has stopped, the game is still available to play and enjoy, living on within the community of fans.

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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Acelister - 09:41am, 15th April 2024

Wait, the last patch for this game was DECEMBER? Oh, that's not a good look at all...