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The International 2023 Talent Bundles Are Here!

The International 2023 Talent Bundles Are Here!

The Dota 2 Talents tab has been a welcome addition with which the game can showcase up-and-coming talents and fan favourites. By purchasing and using special stickers or purchasing the voice lines directly, players can now enjoy their favourite voices while dominating a match!

Along with the Talents themselves, Dota 2 is currently offering bundles with which you can get the most for your money. Your four options are as follows:

  • The Standard Bundle gets you a standard Standard Sticker, and that's it.
  • The Glitter Bundle, on the other hand, nets you a Glitter Sticker and one Voiceline.
  • Going one step higher, we have the Holo Bundle, which will land you a Holo Sticker, a Voiceline, and an Autograph Rune!
  • And finally, we have the Gold Bundle, which will get you a Gold Sticker, Voiceline 1 and 2, and an Autograph Rune.

If that wasn't enough, 50% of the proceedings will be going to the Talent directly, in addition to the voice lines being yours to use permanently. What are you waiting for? Time to check out that Talent tab in the Compendium!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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