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The Long Dark Sandbox Update 21

The Long Dark Sandbox Update 21

The Early-Access survival sandbox game, The Long Dark, released update #21 labelled v.192 on 6th February with lots of new features for players to enjoy.

The Indie title by Hinterland was updated to v.192 but it has been confirmed that previous saves on other versions are compatible with the latest update allowing players to resume their games whilst including the latest additions made in the update.

According to the statement released by the developers, they are currently working on optimization for the game due to its Unity engine the game depends more on the processor speed rather than the graphics card speed.

The changelist was posted on the Steam page:



* New Region! Pleasant Valley. Nearly 10 square kilometres of rural mountain valley.
* New Mystery Wildlife! Keep your eyes open.
* Harvestable Plants. Collect Old Man's Beard Lichen, Rose Hips, and Reishi Mushrooms and craft natural remedies.
* Torch Brandishing. Craft Torches and Brandish them against Wolves. You might scare them off!
* Visual Inventory. Completely redone Inventory screen with improved navigation and embedded Repair and Harvesting actions.




* General improvements to wildlife AI, to support better player decision-making about Fight or Flight response and clarify wildlife presence and intent.
* Predators are now attracted to the smell of Blood (bleeding wounds, raw meat, etc.) and will come investigate if within range.
* Scent is now affected by Wind speed and direction.
* All Beds now have a Warmth value displayed in the Rest interface.
* Bedrolls now lose Condition and must be maintained. It's possible to find multiple Bedrolls in the world.
* All fires now visualize their state (ignition, full burn, cooling off, coals) through flame, sparks, and smoke. Smoke also respects wind direction.
* Various new sounds, and many previous sounds have been replaced based on a new foley recording session.
* Many UI improvements throughout.
* Updated Silent Hunter and Pacifist achievements to clarify they need to happen in the first days of a game (not after many days have already passed).
* German and Russian translations have been fully updated.




* Fixed Exploration achievement
* Achievements are not sent to Steam if player is dead.
* Fixed key binding issue with AltFire.
* Fixed discrepancy between time survived and time of day.
* Fixed scroll wheel issue on right side of container screen.
* Fixed issue when dying during a load scene fade
* Fixed issue with failing to Transfer All showing incorrect info on screen afterwards.
* Fixed issue with fishing huts sometimes not blocking wind
* Fixed issue with phone wires dropping at game start (physics)
* Fixed inaccessible Prepper Hatch bug
* Fixed issue where First Aid items were disabled if used, then use was cancelled, then the item was dropped
* Fixed issue where Log could show incorrect days in a new session after dying.
* Fixed errors in Calorie Burn amounts being displayed for Resting, Foraging, Ice Fishing and Harvesting
* Increased navmesh accuracy to address a variety of pathfinding issues
* Fixed issue with dropped items sometimes being inaccessible
* Fixed issue with campfire disappearing if cancelling out of creating a fire in a stove.
* Display correct Calorie Burn on the UI for activities when in Pilgrim and Stalker modes



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