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How to Level Up in Fortnite Without Playing Battle Royale

How to Level Up in Fortnite Without Playing Battle Royale

My household consists of three other people besides me, and for a time, they were playing Fortnite together every night. I had tried the game when it first came out, and I wasn't the biggest fan since battle royale games aren't really my forte. After a while, I felt like I was missing out on a family activity, so I caved on Christmas vacation in 2021. I was tired of being left out, and it sounded like they were having a great time together.

Fortnite chest

I was fortunate since it was Christmas time, and I was able to get a few different skins for free, so for a month, I was rocking the wintery outfits. I had never wanted to sink money into the game, so I vowed that every month, I would spend my V-bucks on the next month's battle pass. I don't normally play the game on my own, so the only time I gain levels is when I am playing with my family. So finally, this month, I figured that I would find a way to gain levels to unlock the bucks I need for next month's pass so that I would have extra points to get a skin or something else cool, and I wouldn't have to pester my kids into playing on my account for levels. I'm just not that good at Fortnite since I play so many different games and find it hard to get used to all the different weapons and controls. Plus, I don't find playing it very enjoyable by myself, so I had to think of something else.

Fortnite pets

I headed to creative mode to find something that wasn't like your normal battle royale style but something more relaxing and chill. My son suggested I try out Skyblock Tycoon by pets. In this mode, you start with one block, and the goal is to expand your island and collect more ores so that you can travel to a new world. To expand, you have to pay to buy more "floor" and unlock other items and components of your island. To get the funds that you need, you will have to hit the coin box with your pickaxe. This may seem like it could get very repetitive, but it was almost hypnotic hearing the constant clink sound. Every time that you buy another piece of floor or another item for your "island", you get XP, and this isn't just a small amount — you earn over 4000 XP per piece.

Fortnite Farmbox

As you progress, you earn blocks that will net you two coins per strike, and you have the option to buy a machine that will hit these money blocks or chop trees to constantly increase your money. So it doesn't take long to get enough gold to expand the island and unlock other ways to increase your bank. You will be able to travel to a new space-themed world using the controller that you are carrying. The first time I played, I waited until I had everything unlocked in the first world. However, this was not the best idea as you can travel to the second world and, since everything is automated on the first island, you will continue to make money and can travel back at any point in time. After spending two hours playing, I had gained 20 levels. Playing this mode got me the required 950 V-bucks for the next battle pass. 

Fortnite converyorbelt

If you would like to check out this chill creative mode and make some XP playing it, the map code is 2632-2220-5945, or just search Skyblock Tycoon. It may feel like cheating a bit, but I figure it's better than wasting money on something I'm not a huge fan of or bugging everyone to play for me! 

Fortnite buy bridge

If you know of any other maps that are worth checking out in Fortnite that are just fun or are great for gaining levels, leave a comment below!

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