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So I Tried... Furi

So I Tried... Furi

In each edition of So I Tried… a member of GameGrin will play a game they have never tried before. The game will be given 30 minutes to make its mark, and from there we decide whether it’s worth more of our time. Today, I have a look at Furi for the PS4.

 Furi slash image2

What I Thought It Was

Being one who judges a book by it's cover, I had assumed The Game Bakers developed title was an RPG with a neon based colour palette or, at the very least, a hack and slash. With character designs done by the ‘Afro Samurai' creator and a soundtrack created by various electro artists, whatever it was, it was sure to be a good.

Furi Duel

What It Actually Is

A bullet hell combat game with a huge emphasis on timing and hoping for the best. This is skill based at its finest. Furi makes you learn from your mistakes so you can overcome more and more challenges along the way. Based on a boss to boss game structure, Furi doesn’t bother with enemies in between each arena, but rather builds up anticipation for each boss fight with well crafted dialogue and beautiful environments.

05 Furi Burst Chase

Will I Keep Playing

Sorry, I couldn’t hear you, I was playing Furi.

So I Tried
Ethan Butterfield

Ethan Butterfield

Staff Writer

Tries his best to do his best. Greatest achievement: Annoying friends for 7 years with “Haze 2 will totally be announced this year guys!”

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Calmine - 09:15pm, 20th September 2016

Fantastic game and soundtrack. Love me some Carpenter Brut.