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The 12 Days of Gamesmas — Day 8

The 12 Days of Gamesmas — Day 8

And Fighting in River City
My Former Loves
Nameless Men
Many Sinking Ships
Crusading Kings
Drunken Dwarves a-Digging
Happy Hounds a-Healing

Huge Brains a-Walking

Genre: RPG, adventure

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What is there left to say? This game has earned award after award, was our runner-up for Game of the Year, and has generally raised the bar for isometric RPGs. If you haven’t gotten this titan of tabletop RPG adaptations, I’m not sure I can convince you otherwise. I’m still going to try, though! So, let’s talk about Baldur’s Gate 3.

In this, as we say in the business, bonkers-big game, you get to create your character and adventure around the world of Toril with the goal of doing something about the weird bug thing in your brain! Joined by a party of mismatched compatriots, it will be up to you to decide how to approach each situation and forge your own path. In terms of Gamesmas, the quiet hours of the holiday period before or after a gigantic meal of festive goodness is the perfect time to pour into questing in this beautiful, (but deadly) world! Watch out for goblins; they never play fair. Also, happy new year!

The 12 Days of Gamesmas
Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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