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Jsaux ModCase with Power Bank Kit for ROG Ally

Jsaux ModCase with Power Bank Kit for ROG Ally

We recently got a ROG Ally for Christmas, and it has been a joy to play with and so handy to use when someone is on the Xbox X|S or PlayStation 5. So when we got the handheld device, we needed something a little extra to keep it protected, help with grip, and also a way to charge it without having to have the charging cable get in the way.

It’s called Jsaux ModCase, and inside the box, you get a Protective Case, Travel Cover, Fixed Block with Short Velcro, and Fixed Block with Long Velcro. In a separate box, we also got the Power Block, which is a 65W high-speed charging device with a display to tell you how much battery life is left. The Fixed Blocks are designed to clip into the ModCase and are easily removable, with one length of Velcro suitable for the Ally, and the other for a Steam Deck.

The Jsaux ModCase costs $79.99 USD. You can buy the case without the Battery Pack, which will cost $29.99 USD. However, you cannot buy the Battery Pack on its own. I think that the price is a little high myself because when looking for protection and a battery pack, you don’t really want to spend close to £100 on something to protect your handhelds.

ModCase for ROG Ally power bank kits black 2

I do suffer with pain in my hand every now and again when holding handhelds for a long period, like my Nintendo Switch Lite, but when I hold my ROG Ally with the ModCase on, I don’t feel like it will slip out of my hands as easily as without the case. But sadly, when the battery pack is velcroed to the back of the case using the fixed block it can get a little heavy to hold for sufferers like me. However, it does have a neat built-in stand to help support it, which is even better when the battery pack is attached as that also helps keep it upright.

When using the battery pack, it adds about an hour to your playtime with a moderate-to-high power game. It doesn’t take long to charge it up for another session, either, and the attached cable slots into the unit to keep it mostly out of the way when not in use.


Jsaux ModCase with Power Bank Kit for ROG Ally

A helpful protection for the ROG Ally that will also help with that extra playtime.

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