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Explore a Completely Overhauled Space Station in the No Man's Sky: ORBITAL Update Trailer

No Man's Sky, regardless of it's rocky start, has made a name for itself with the multiple major updates that have been added regularly. Each update has added major features, such as base building, new encounters, or giant motherships to customise, and this time is no different! Titled ORBITAL, the newest content update focuses on a part of the game many had found lacking: the space stations!


With the update, Space Stations will now have variable looks and sizes, with some being absolutely massive! Inside, gone is the familiar pattern of vendors and quest boards. Instead, each station will now be procedurally generated, featuring new stores and a look based on the start system and dominant race. If that wasn't enough, ORBITAL also adds an often-requested feature: Spaceship customisation!

Though this is a fair bit already, ORBITAL includes other new features, such as Guilds, freighters, and numerous fixes and improvements! No Man's Sky: ORBITAL is available now.

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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