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It's High Noon with Bang-On Balls: Chronicles' Newest Free Update's Launch Trailer

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is getting a new free update adding a region for all players to enjoy. This time around, the movie will be centred around the Wild West, as you'll adorn yourself with cowboy hats, guns, and the cutest horse in the desert and head out to the lawless lands of Mexico.

This free update adds the Wild West story, featuring five total regions to explore: Mexico, Saloon City, Oil Fields, Beaver Town, and Gold Mines. The official launch trailer shows off some of the shenanigans players will get to whilst exploring these regions — from train-top heists to horse-back riding and even heading to the gold mines, there's lots to do. 

There are over 80 new items to collect and adorn your character with, from lawless outfits to sheriff decorations, giving you more control over how your character looks. Cosmetics aren't everything, however, as you'll also get bows and arrows, revolvers, shotguns, and most importantly, a lasso. Because you can't have Wild and West without a lasso.

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The trailer published on the official Untold Tales YouTube channel features over a minute of pure shenanigans and the out-of-control gameplay that we loved. You'll get a good glimpse at some of the areas and gameplay that's available and a sneak peek at some of the many, many costumes you'll be able to make — that is Bang-On Balls: Chronicles' pride and joy, afterall.

"We always wanted Bang-On Balls: Chronicles to be our own playground where we can tell creative stories and springboard a sense of childhood creativity in a digital environment. Here at Exit Plan Games, we're massive fans of Spaghetti Westerns, cowboys and the Wild West, and this is the best way to celebrate this! We cannot wait to see what silly sandbox adventures players get up to, and we're so happy to give away all this content for free!"

  • Damien Monnier, Co-founder and Design Director at Exit Plan Games

So, your gun's ready and loaded, and you can't wait to start your high-noon adventure? Then we have great news — the free Wild West Update is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, though the Nintendo Switch desperados will have to wait a bit longer to start their lasso-whipping adventure.

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