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Start Your Disney Park with Disney Dreamlight Valley's A Day at Disney Star Path!

Start Your Disney Park with Disney Dreamlight Valley's A Day at Disney Star Path!

Disney Dreamlight Valley's free update Thrills and Frills has come out, and though it brought both Daisy Duck for free players and Oswald for A Rift in Time season pass owners, that's not all that Gameloft had in store for their title! Now, lovers of the Star Path will be able to partake and enjoy the newest A Day at Disney battle pass! 

The free pass includes 15 items for you to get, including the Magic Kingdom Circus Minnie skin, several park stands, and more! A Day at Disney's Premium costs 2,500 Moonstones, or priced at £8.99, and it includes 24 more park-themed items if you purchase, including the Magic Kingdom Circus Daisy, the Toontown Fire Station, and 1,910 Moonstones once you've finished and acquired all of the rewards (meaning you'll only have paid 590 for the Star Path).

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This is the first Disney-park-themed Star Path since the release of the Disney Parks Star Path back in 2023 — with A Day at Disney, many of the items from the first park Star Path will be available in the Premium Shop, giving you access to them at a higher Moonstone price-per-item. The upcoming Dreamsnap Challenges will likely include a slew of park-themed challenges, so it'll be an excellent opportunity to stock up on those items and ensure that you're ahead of the competition!

The A Day at Disney Star Path started on the 1st of May and will run for 42 days, which means you'll have until the 12th of June to finish it all.

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