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Summer Game Fest 2022: Flashback 2 Gameplay Teaser

Revealed in Summer Game Fest, Flashback 2 is the return of the iconic franchise from the ’90s, praised for its outstanding animations. To continue with this tradition, the team worked with Jamel Blissat — the stuntman double for Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight — to work on the mo-cap for Conrad.

The story will take place after the original's ending, as Conrad and all of his allies must face the Morphs threat again. After Conrad’s best friend, Ian, gets kidnapped, he sets out on an adventure to understand their true motives. Could this be another trick by the Morphs?

Explore locations that old fans of the game will be familiar with and brand-new ones unique to the sequel, such as the Neo Tokyo and a mysterious space station to discover and stop the Morphs’ scheme.

The title is being developed in close collaboration between Paul Cuisset’s team — along with some old game designers that worked in the original to pay tribute to it — and the Microids Studio Lyon. The game will be released winter of 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The Nintendo Switch version will release sometime next year.

Summer Game Fest 2022
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