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Talisman: Digital 5th Edition is Coming This Year

Talisman: Digital 5th Edition is Coming This Year

During the latest Warhammer SKULLS video games festival, we heard some new related to the newest edition of Talisman, the beloved board game that has gone through four iterations since its 1983 launch! As part of this informational package, we learned that the developers of the Talisman: Digital Edition, Nomad Games, will be reprising their roles as Talisman: Digital 5th Edition has been officially announced!


Bringing with it a wide variety of overhauls and new feature, Talisman: Digital 5th Edition will build upon the previous work done by Nomad, while using the many years of experience the studio has accrued to make it one to look out for. If you're a fan of the original or have yet to try this staple in adventure boardgaming history, soon may be the perfect chance!

Talisman: Digital 5th Edition is planned to release onto Steam later this year, with other platforms to follow.

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Martin Heath

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