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What We're Playing: 26th December 2022–1st January 2023

What We're Playing: 26th December 2022–1st January 2023

Alana Dunitz, aka retrogamergirl

Alyssa Payne, aka Allie

Andrew Duncan, aka Acelister

Anna Duncan, aka CraftyAK

Bex Prouse

Chris Wootton, aka Mister Woot

Danielle Corrigan, aka Tamashii

Erin McAllister, aka Erinisfrustrated

Jason Taylor, aka Jase

Jon Wilson

Kyle Nutland, aka JK Ferret

Luke Greenfield, aka Sikopathic

Luz Victoria, aka Artura Dawn

Mike Crewe, aka MickSaveMOYF

Niall Cawley, aka NOVEMBERcharlie

Pezh J.

What We're Playing
Kyle Nutland

Kyle Nutland


Will always jump into a game on the hardest difficulty and get absolutely wrecked. Obviously, it’s never his fault.

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Jbumi - 02:54pm, 8th January 2023

Finished Wrath of the Righteous!!  What a journey - Owlcat really puts in a ton of hard work on their games!!  Had a blast.  After something so deep, I was looking for a good, old fashioned JRPG for a pallette cleanser - found it in The Alliance Alive (I've read a ton of good things about Chained Echoes, but I'm holding out for this summer's physical release).  So far, The AA is a ton of fun - I've always been a sucker for puzzles on the field, & this game has them in spades!  Just what I was looking for!!