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Check Out Old School RuneScape's Newest Cinematic for Its Biggest Area Expansion Yet!

Some games never get old, and the perfect example of that is none other than Old School RuneScape — a title that even I had to try out for myself! This MMORPG is one of the most renown and beloved experiences that so many players hold close, and it just got its biggest area expansion yet with the release of Varlamore Part One!

Old School RuneScape Varlamore Official Cinematic Trailer 0 9 screenshot

Aside from being able to explore the Shining Kingdom of Varlamore for the first time, fans and newcomers can also expect epic quests, tough enemies, exciting new challenges, and even discover unique skilling activities! Whether you want to tackle it solo or together with others is up to you, but regardless, even veterans will have something to come back to, such as the Fortis Colosseum — a new PvM arena! Last but not least, Part One also includes The Hunter Guild, which features new Hunter's Rumours challenges and opportunities!

Check out the latest official cinematic!

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Violet Plata

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