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Daisy Arrives to the Valley in Disney Dreamlight Valley's New Free Update

Fans of Daisy Duck will be delighted to hear that Gameloft is finally bringing her to Disney Dreamlight Valley. This means you'll now be able to house her and even get the brand-new building she brings alongside herself!

With Daisy Duck now in the Valley, you'll be able to befriend her and spend time with her, making her the 33rd free villager (which excludes the ones that are A Rift in Time exclusive). After Mickey Mouse receives a letter from Donald's girlfriend, she announces her return — to bring her to your Valley; you won't need to do any quests, as you'll be able to plop down her house after speaking to him and paying Scrooge McDuck 20,000 Star Coins.

After finishing a quest for Daisy, you'll be able to start your Boutique journey (filled with some daily quests you'll need to complete). Once done, you can share your Touch of Magic items with friends who visit your Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Thrills Frills Update Trailer 0 13 screenshot

The Premium Shop has also received a touch of magic (pun very much intended) with a UI update that shows off all of the items separately. With this, you can also view your character in whichever Premium Shop clothes are available, facilitating making the decision on whether to spend your hard-earned Moonstones on it or not. Plus, Heihei is now part of Disney Dreamlight Valley, so that's always a plus! As per community feedback, the Dreamlight Shop will now feature eight items permanently moving forward, so you should be able to find more of the rare items that haven't been around for months with more ease!

If you want to experience all of this, then the update is available straight away! Bring Daisy to the Valley in Disney Dreamlight Valley on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, the Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam!

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