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Disney Dreamlight Valley Discover the Free The Laugh Floor Update with New Release Trailer

The highly anticipated release of Monsters, Inc. is finally here with the newest Disney Dreamlight Valley update, dubbed The Laugh Floor Update! This huge release includes a slew of items and new releases to the game that have been highly anticipated by fans and much more. But first things first...

The Community Challenge in 2022 was smashed and all of the goals were hit, but ever since then, two of the items have been missing from everyone's inventory. Find the final set, the Dreamlight Armor costume alongside the Partners Statue, which is the world-famous statue created by Blaine Gibson that stands in the Magic Kingdom of Disney's park featuring Mickey Mouse and his creator, Walt Disney! This concludes the items owed by Gameloft from the Community Challenge, and it's one of the most sought-after furniture to adorn the Valley, which many will surely be ecstatic about! This should now be in the mailbox of all players, so make sure you check it out and claim your free rewards!

Surprisingly, though, this monument of the empire of Disney is but the smallest of things to release in this update. Now available for free is Monsters, Inc., fully ready to receive all manner of new-coming monster interns to teach you all about the Laughing business and how it powers the world. Accompany CEO James P. Sullivan and Mike Wasowzki on a whacky adventure that'll have you exploring the company (and various kids' worlds) as Mike prepares to set the highest, most unbeatable record seen by monsterkind yet.

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To make sure you blend in, a slew of new customisation options have been added permanently, some which are available right away from the customisation menu and others that you'll have to find. Skin colours and new eyes are available for you to reach and adapt at your leisure, with monster-like colours and furs or toad-like lenses that'll make you fit right in with the monsters that you'll be working alongside with. Meanwhile. new ear styles are a new accessory you'll find on Scrooge McDuck's shop that'll give your face a new pair of ears, ranging from normal to magical and fantastical! This also comes with the option to change your name, a highly anticipated and previously promised feature since the very beginning of Disney Dreamlight Valley's Early Access, so whoever struggled with the error "Player Name" (something we experienced on our first savefile before forcefully restarting it to input the correct one) should now be able to change it to whatever you want for free!

Longtime players will be happy to hear that Scrooge's store has also received a massive expansion for free (no need to sacrifice your precious gold coins here!), as the interior has been expanded and the previous item limit for repurchasing has been raised from 25 items daily to 1,000, which means you should be able to complete your wildest desires on DreamSnaps by purchasing all manner of items without having to wait — you won't need more than 1,000 new furniture pieces... right?

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And finally, we're looking at the new incoming Star Path, named the "Lovely Monsters", where you'll be able to get some of the best rewards we've seen yet, many Monsters,-Inc.-themed pieces, clothes, and even the Monsters University versions for Mike and Sulley, for those who preferred the sequel iterations of both of these lovable monsters. This isn't the only thing making a return, as previous fan-favourite items from Star Paths are coming back in the Premium Shop for newcomers of the 1.0 release for Disney Dreamlight Valley, so you should be able to find some of the greatest pieces you might have missed in your months of absence!

What are you waiting for? The Laugh Floor Update is finally here, and it's out now for everyone to play right away!

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