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Don't Miss Out on Elseword's Bountiful Week!

Don't Miss Out on Elseword's Bountiful Week!

Fans of the 2D free-to-play side-scrolling action MMORPG game Elsword will be happy to know that this week is going to be bountiful both in terms of goodies and good news; to put it in the developer's words, it's going to be raining rewards! This title by KOG Studios and Nexon has a 74% Mostly Positive score on Steam, boasting a total of 9,299 reviews at the time of writing.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves and start with the first thing. For those waiting impatiently for the Guild Revamp, the waiting is over: it's coming this week! There are rewards to be had for those who try it out as well. Finish daily guild quests to get the exclusive Great Zombies Invasion Costume Suit and the "I'm a Zombie!" Custom Motion and even tons of consumables to help ease the journey! If you like these, make sure not to miss them, as they're only available during this event. In addition to the new cosmetics, players will have additional harvest on their guild farm.

That's not all, though! El Mega Day and Black Friday events are also happening this week, which means Elsword players can look forward to tons of great deals! Although we don't have any specifics yet, the Steam post allures to more information being shared on the 23rd and 24th of November, so keep your eyes peeled for that! In the meantime, however, consider checking out the new costume set, Brand Elfenium! It arrives this week, and hopefully, it'll keep everyone busy until the Black Friday deals.


Elsword is available for PC! Check it out on Steam. Feel free to tell us what deals you might be looking forward to this upcoming sale, especially since it's one of the biggest of the year across most games! 

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Violet Plata

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