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New Hero to be Released for Dota 2's New Bloom Event

New Hero to be Released for Dota 2's New Bloom Event

Valve have released details about the upcoming new hero, Terrorblade who is due to make his first appearance along with Dota 2's New Bloom event, which coincides with the Chinese New Year. As such, the game will be introducing all sorts of new content and changes as well as the new hero.

The Terrorblade himself is a sinister-looking demon marauder who is feared by even the most evil of demons. He was imprisoned in Foulfell with the intention of causing him great suffering, but the being instead became even more powerful and is now turning his attention to causing terror throughout all of creation.

His moves include:

  • Reflection - Create a double of your foe, which then attacks its original as it slows their movement.
  • Conjure Image - Summon forth an illusion of yourself to aid you in battle.
  • Metamorphosis - Embrace the darkness within, trading your melee attack for a ranged strike while granting additional damage.
  • Sunder - Sever the soul of an ally or enemy, exchanging your health for theirs.

Keep an eye on what else is to come during the event by checking out the official webpage here.

Emsey P. Walker

Emsey P. Walker

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