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Wildermyth's Second DLC is Right Around the Corner!

Wildermyth's Second DLC is Right Around the Corner!

Wildermyth, the party-based RPG from Worldwalker Games, made its mark in gaming by allowing players to live through the heroic careers of generations of adventurers, slowly building and refining their own pantheon and history. Maybe your adventurer found a cool stone that made them an elemental or maybe you had to battle your inner demons to protect your friends, the game was full of fun narratives and made for countless epic tales. With the upcoming release of its second DLC, Omenroad, a new way to play and multiple new events are coming our way!


The first new addition to the game is the titular Omenroad format, which consists of a more roguelike-style progression map. The first campaign to be told with this new format is A Walk in the Unlight, the most extensively written campaign in the game, which will take heroes far beyond the Yondering Lands! And if you're hankering for some challenge, a new Challenge Mode has been added to really test your mettle. The DLC also contains multiple new weapons, armour, artefacts, augments, and events galore, so sharpen that quill and get set to pen another legend.

Wildermyth: Omenroad is set to be released on 16th May.

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