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How Accessible is Age of Wonders 4?

How Accessible is Age of Wonders 4?

Accessibility in games has been getting better as of late, so you might be wondering how it is in the latest titles. In this article I’ll go over the accessibility options available in Age of Wonders 4!

Unfortunately, Age of Wonders 4's accessibility is pretty much non-existent. Aside from being able to change some of the audio sliders — with a whopping six different ones to choose from — and various difficulties and customisation in terms of world-building, there isn't anything in terms of accessibility.

Even outside of accessibility, there aren't a lot of options to tweak that mean a whole lot. Nothing to change game speed, nothing in terms of accessibility for colour blindness, not even optional HUD options for OLED users.

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That's pretty much it. Although Age of Wonders 4 does incorporate a lot of customisability, there is zilch in terms of accessibility for those that might struggle with some elements.

So there you have it, Age of Wonders 4’s accessibility options. I hope that helps you play!

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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