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Epic Games Store Weekly Free Game W/C 18/03/2021

Epic Games Store Weekly Free Game W/C 18/03/2021

This week’s free game on the Epic Game Store is The Fall, a side-scrolling sci-fi adventure game developed and published by independent studio Over The Moon. Players take the role of ARID, an artificial intelligence inside a high-tech combat suit. Take ARID on a journey that blends adventure game puzzle-solving with side-scroller action.

The Fall is free from 4pm GMT on 18th March, until 4pm GMT on 25th March 2021.

The Fall

Publisher: Over The Moon, Developer: Over The Moon

Acclaimed story, engaging puzzles, tense action. You are ARID, the AI onboard a mark-7 combat suit. The human pilot encased within the suit is unconscious. You must find a way to follow protocol and save his life. 2014 Game of the Year for best story.

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