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June 2022 Games With Prime

Amazon Prime members can look forward to even more great content throughout the month of June, with the list below you will see what is currently available if you haven't grabbed them you may have some time left so quick go grab that in-game loot before it has gone.

Now Available

  • Apex Legends - Newcastle Stone Skies Bundle
  • Battlefield 2042 - Noobmaster Bundle
  • Black Desert Mobile - Prime Holy Vial of Light Chest
  • FIFA 22 - Prime Gaming Pack
  • GWENT - 1 Ultimate Premium Keg, 1 Premium Legendary Card
  • Hearthstone - Standard Card Packs (x3)
  • Madden 22 - Prime NFL Draft Pack
  • Overwatch - Legendary Loot Box, x3 Standard Loot Boxes
  • Pokémon GO - Prime Gaming Bundle
  • PUBG: Battlegrounds - 1 Silver G-Coin Box, 10 Contraband Coupons, 30 Polymers, 1 Level 2 Boost, 15,000 Battle Points
  • Rainbow Six Siege - 7 Day Renown Booster
  • Roblox - Virtual Nomad Bundle
  • Splitgate - EPIC Nebula Armor, Jet Pack, Portal Gun, and Legendary Zeus Rocket Launcher
  • World of Tanks - Exclusive Commander Ragnar Bjornson, 1 Viking-Themed Medal and Decal, 1 Choice of Rental Tanks, 1 Day of WoT Premium Account, 1 x5 XP Missions

Ending Soon

Here you will see a list of the following games that will be ending soon so go grab them before its to late.

  • 31st May Call of Duty: Vanguard/Warzone - June Spear Head Bundle
  • 31st May COD Mobile - Merc 5 Bundle
  • 31st May Fall Guys - The Amazing Falldazzler, 6,500 Kudos
  • 31st May Last Chance to Claim Dead Space 2, The Curse of Monkey Island, Out of Line, Mail Mole + 'Xpress Deliveries, Cat Quest and Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King
  • 31st May Lost Ark - Leaf Ornamental Chest, Crystaline Aura (5 day use), Amethyst Shard Pack (500 shards)
  • 31st May Two Point Hospital - Leisure Flare Bundle, Ex-Lizard Bundle


If you have been looking forward to playing Far Cry 4 or maybe wanting to escape some monkeys in Escape from Monkey Island then from the 1st of June is the time to grab them and some other games, check out the list below and don't forget to collect the loot in other games you may play.

  • 1st June: Destiny 2 - Polaris Lance Bundle

1st June Games With Prime -

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