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Epic Games Store Weekly Free Games 17/03/2022

Epic Games Store Weekly Free Games 17/03/2022

This week's free game on the Epic Games Store is... In Sound Mind.

In Sound Mind will be free on the Epic Games Store from 4pm GMT on 17th of March 2022 to 3pm GMT on 24th of March 2022.

In Sound Mind

Publisher: Modus Games, Developer: We Create Stuff

In Sound Mind is an imaginative first-person psychological horror with frenetic puzzles, unique boss fights, and original music by The Living Tombstone. Journey within the inner workings of the one place you can’t seem to escape—your own mind.

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in sound mind

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Jess has been a passionate gamer since a young age. She likes to read and partake in theatre groups as acting is her second passion.

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djd4ws0n - 04:03pm, 17th March 2022

Petition now for Rasher to play this on Stream.

Rasher - 11:40am, 18th March 2022

I would love to stream this but I do not own it (good excuse maybe?)