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Get an Assassin's Creed to Keep for Free on PC!

Get an Assassin's Creed to Keep for Free on PC!

A new promotion running over on the Ubisoft store just went live, and we know many gamers won't want to miss out on it! You can officially get an Assassin's Creed title for free for a limited time, and this time, it isn't over in the Epic Games store, like we've all grown used to!

This promotion has you getting 2015's Assassin's Creed: Syndicate over on the Uplay launcher for a limited time. It's worth noting that this is an entirely free acquisition, meaning you won't have to trade in anything (like Fanatical's free titles, wherein you have to sign up for the newsletter to qualify).

This brings down the price for the game from its £33.99 price thanks to the limited-time giveaway. This may not be the most prestigious or loved title of the franchise, but you'll be able to explore 1868 London in a fairly well-received title to the series, including thousands of positive reviews on Steam and 100 critic reviews, including one of ours. If you want to hear our thoughts on the title, you can read Dom D'angelillo's review when the title was released right here!

Noice weather, innit?!

If you're interested, we recommend you don't miss out on the opportunity to take control of both Jacob and Evie — after all, what better price could you ask for aside from free? You'll be able to embark on the signature Ubisoft open-world exploration, where you'll be able to go from Westminster to Whitechapel! It's time to unsheath your Assassin's blade and lead a small army to return London to the people and free it from the Templars.

This giveaway is available for a limited time. You can get it up until the 6th of December at 2:00 pm GMT. To get it, head on over to Assassin's Creed: Syndicate in the official Ubisoft store (you might get a prompt to move to your actual location) and claim it by hitting the "PLAY NOW" button — happy assassinating!

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