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Epic Games Store Weekly Free Game W/C 08/07/2021

Epic Games Store Weekly Free Game W/C 08/07/2021

This week’s free games on the Epic Game Store are Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead and IroncastBridge Constructor: The Walking Dead combines the post-apocalyptic world of AMC's The Walking Dead, with the popular puzzle franchise Bridge Constructor, where you create elaborate constructions and lethal traps through bleak landscapes. Ironcast is a turn-based strategy game with rogue-lite elements, in which you complete missions through a match-three system.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Publisher: Headup, Developer: ClockStone Software

Prepare for the ultimate mashup experience! Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead combines the legendary and challenging puzzle gameplay of Bridge Constructor with the post-apocalyptic zombie universe of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

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walking dead brideg constructor


Publisher: Ripstone, Developer: Dreadbit Games

Ironcast is inspired by Victorian-era science fiction, set in an exciting alternative history; a time when refined men and women in top hats and bonnets commanded gigantic walking war machines, laying waste to the enemies of the British Empire.

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